and our program has set the Label text as we requested. Writeln ('Delphi Hello world/Web server '); Writeln ('Press Enter to quit'); Readln; finally lWebServer. This simple example tries to Embarcadero Delphi Hello World Example This program, saved to a file named HelloWorld.dpr , compiles to a console application that prints "Hello World" to the console: 010 ! Klicken Sie auf das Kreuzchen rechts oben. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Hello from the Delphi research group at Carnegie Mellon University! We’re a group of faculty, students, and staff, based primarily out of CMU together with strong collaborators from other universities and industry. The VCL wrapps most of the commonly used WinAPI components. This gives us our first form element: Notice that the graphical element contains the text, Let us blank out the caption. Der Klassiker aller einfachsten Programme ist ein Programm, das der Umwelt mitteilt, dass es läuft (z.B. 10 minutes.