Jackson laughed, "I love that you are so willing, but if my fangs didn't make an appearance tonight, I doubt they ever will.". The stories in the series are intriguing from his incredible memory of his birth the delivery room to his outrageous decision to run away to Alaska because wearing plastic fangs is accepted. "Why don't you…" She paused, noticing his fangs were out. Like the cobra, also, the haje has its fangs extracted by the jugglers of the country, who afterwards train it to perform various tricks. 22. I gave you one pass, but if you ever look at me like lunch again, I'll rip those fangs out of your head and shove them so far up your ass they'll reattach. 2. Gabe and a few other assassins in black fought off hordes of demons. Jackson barely brushed her neck with his lips, and as she let out a soft contented sigh, he backed off for just a second to find his mark, then sunk his fangs into her. 21. To bare means to take away something that was covering something else. With his bared teeth and long, drawn face, Gao Ma looked just like his namesake, ma, the horse. The largest proportional size of the facial bones, and the great projection of the jaws, confer on the gorilla's skull its small facial angle and brutal character,while its teeth differ from man's in relative size and number of fangs. Her eyes were red-rimmed, too, and his gaze rested on the tiny fangs resting on her plump lower lip. As they chattered a small striped viper squirmed on top of the map with tongue flickering from open, He stretched his arms yawning exposing his, They use their ability to produce venom to defend them against predators and with their large, My teeth are as white as the moon, an orderly upper and lower row of molars and incisors with long, sharp, The large cat had sprung on her in her trace-like state and sunk its, She was immediately set upon by his faithful setter, who sank, Other fish have developed huge mouths and, The viper fish swims very fast and uses these needle-like, One of the latest weird trends in Japan consists of using artificial, His fair hand made a gesture to touch the dog's face but was rewarded by a painful nip from her sharp, I was in awe of her sharp intelligence, of the way her diplomacy could charm the, Which may be why the vipers in the political snake pit are rattling their rattles and baring those long, curved, Mandibles clashed, clacking together like snapping tree trunks, and spittle drooled from its, It's time to go up to your front door, Mother, and ring the rattling buzzer of a bell, the door with two curved, Bebe puffed up her little body, her short fur trying to ridge along her back into hackles, her bared, A cat sits curled up in the lap of a little green-haired girl, who hisses at the boy, revealing a sharp pair of, His teeth were so broken and jagged that they resembled, Her muzzle drew back in a strange parody of a human smile to reveal gleaming, As Aaron drew close enough to hear the clomp of the man's boots, his, The white dragon took a few bold steps towards him and bared its sharp, Gemini shouted a warning as the canine bared its, I looked under and behind me to see the wolf flash its. The appendages of the second prosthomere are the well-known chelicerae of the Arach nids, rarely, if ever, antenniform, but modified as " retroverts" or clasp-knife fangs in spiders. Vamp Fangs lets you choose from immortal FX lenses, Theatrical FX lenses, and Hand Painted FX Lenses (regular and sclera). Just add a set of dripping fangs to your favorite bone man and the skull immediately takes on a more sinister nature, as if such a thing were possible. While kissing her neck, he realized the fangs had not waged their war. DEAR OBSERVER : Even if you only view the bare naked ladies, they are on your hard drive nonetheless. 23. How to Remember the Difference. Wear regular clothes like the vampires do in Twilight and let the eyes and fangs speak for themselves. Stitch is said to look like a cute baby panda bear with fangs. Fang definition: Fangs are the two long, sharp , upper teeth that some animals have. He located the spot where his fangs would connect, but first he would rock her world. She jerked as his fangs sank into her neck. It lit up her features, and he saw the tiny fangs she was trying to hide. She gasped as his fangs pierced her throat. : "She must go to the mall" - the verb go is the "bare infinitive") Lower figures: same, with fangs protruded. What does bare mean? She nibbled on her lower lip with the tiny fangs. He braced himself for the battle with his fangs and waited for the inevitable pain from fighting to keep them at bay. It stands as a stark salutary warning to the world: Uncle Sam has grown fangs and he must be kept at bay. the other dealer asked, frowning. You know how you need to keep your fangs in check when you're with someone and things get steamy? | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Directed by Ryuhei Aoyagi, Takahiro Miura. Bare definition is - lacking a natural, usual, or appropriate covering. I walked around the downtown with a red sock on one foot and the other foot bare, creating a funny spectacle. She'd tried to hide her fangs from him, but smiling brought his attention to them. The creature has huge, deadly fangs that give +2 on the combat dice roll. 3. How to use fang in a sentence. The dog bared its teeth in a snarl: 9. Wings, short fur, fangs the size of her forearm … she moved farther into the bathroom, lest she draw his attention. The way he moved, his healing power, the effect he had on others, his fascination with people, the fangs and eyes … There was nothing normal about him. `Boredom is death!' Bare definition, without covering or clothing; naked; nude: bare legs. Invest in dramatic contact lenses, fangs and prosthetics to look authentically frightening. He's been working at a bar ca Skippy, when you woke up with fangs you were ready for this. A massive creature with black fur and fangs paused in front of the open door, sniffing the air. He dons a leather neck cord, it has been decorated with alternating colored beads and vampire fangs. He smiled, revealing fangs among the neat row of white teeth. I stood there waiting for the three remaining Rottweilers to come barreling toward the fence, Weakness was her enemy, the taloned beast that lived in her chest and couldn't wait to sharpen its, Acrochordus javanicus of Java like the other wart snakes hunts fish and for this reason has modified its teeth into long, The werecrocodile laughed at him, the feral grin of a predator displaying nightmarish, Venomous snakes that use hemotoxins usually have, African vipers are hazardous to pin and hold by the head, as experienced herpetologists will attest, because they have the longest, A team of scientists at the University of Sydney in Australia reports that floodplain death adders quickly strike these frogs, using their, He had not been seen since his escape from the monitorial, The barrator prolongs his answer so as to procure a respite from the, With a convulsive wriggle the serval made a last attempt to bury its, His suave politeness was a velvet veil of character behind which he masked the slavering, He was beset on either side by the merciless, The cloak, rucked up about his throat and shoulders, then saved his life, for only stout cloth was caught between those, Though they may be slow-footed, they have sure noses and deep-mouthed, The genus is characterized by maxillary teeth of equal size followed by a diastema and two enlarged grooved, The fox sprang at it, too late, for the white, Then the staghound sprang up, snarling, his, They were in the grip of a current that was carrying them towards the black, I fired again point blank as the huge mouth, baring four ugly, The wound was at about the middle of the forearm, the, It was grey in colour, the ears were laid back, and the, He had seen mustangs in that humor shake off their tormentors and tear them wolfishly with their, Then came remembrance, and it was far worse than the, Saxham started as though an adder had flashed its, His yellow eyes fastened themselves balefully upon the figure of the girl, the bristling lips raised, disclosing the grinning, As it slunk toward us it presented a most formidable aspect with its upcurled lips baring its mighty, He could see the slaver on the drooping jowls, and the great, When the man was dead an examination disclosed the unmistakable marks of an animal's. Sexy little fangs rested on her full lower lip. Tales of Destiny was pretty fun. "I love my breakfast fighting," the demon before her whispered a moment before his fangs sank into her neck. Wings, short fur, fangs the size of her forearm … she moved farther into the bathroom, lest she draw his attention. If an attempt be made by any enemy to lift the lid, the spider seizes its inner side with his fangs and striking his claws into the walls of the burrow offers the greatest possible resistance to the efforts of the intruder. ! It was of Darkyn's fangs sinking into the delicate skin of her neck. His fangs grew before her eyes, nearly the size of her pinky. His eyes settled on the fangs resting on her lower lips. His teeth behind the full lips were normal today, which made her think she'd been wrong about the fangs she saw yesterday. The supply of reserve teeth is indefinite; frequently one or two are lying ready and of equal size to the functional fangs. Will Rin's plan work in the end? Xander licked his fangs and lips clean, enjoying her taste while she stared at him with far too much emotion for him to determine what she'd do: freak out or melt. The ache returned to his jaw as he swallowed venom, and the fangs painfully emerged. Pulling at his tunic Omoro bared his left hip: 5. With Nobutoshi Canna, Megan Hollingshead, Ayako Kawasumi, Lex Lang. Want to make fangs for your vampire costume? The werewolf rose up howling, blood coating its white fur, In that split second of my unleashing the wrath of God on this poor soul, she became covered with copious body hair, grew, For dessert there is gelato and miniature cannoli and cupcakes with, In the Netherlands, the Boeman is portrayed as a creature that resembles a man, dressed completely black, with sharp claws and, Behind her, ten other zompires snarled at me, baring their own thorny, It kills small prey by grabbing it in its claws, and piercing the neck or occiput with its, A poison is inhaled or ingested, whereas venom produced by snakes is injected into its victim via, It has recently been suggested that all snakes may be venomous to a certain degree, with harmless snakes having weak venom and no, True to their historic origins Puerto Rican caretas always bear at least several horns and, There were two small punctures in his arm where the snake's, In the past 14 years seven types of snake, including rattlesnakes and black mambas, have sunk their. You mean to tell me, if I could get my fangs to work, and your blood didn't give me third degree burns, I could feed to my heart's content without hurting you? The way he moved, his healing power, the effect he had on others, his fascination with people, the fangs and eyes … There was nothing normal about him. ‘She bared her fangs, a small growl emitting from … Fangs can harbor bacteria and bite wounds can be dangerous, so seek medical attention if a bite occurs. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. 5. We perched on bar stools and had a beer. Her gaze traveled from the gloomy fortress to the sickly sky to the creature before her, whose fangs seemed to have grown even longer. The fangs, the eyes, the ability to manipulate the minds of others. (noun) Find more ways to say bare, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Their power over serpents has been doubted, yet their performances remain unexplained; they, however, always extract the fangs of venomous serpents. ‘The creature opened his mouth, bared its fangs.’ ‘The tiger snarls menacingly, baring its fangs, its breath heavy in the wintry air.’ ‘She hissed at me baring her fangs in a sign of a threat.’ ‘She bared her fangs, a small growl emitting from her throat.’ ‘He snapped, baring his fangs at me.’ fang (făng) n. 1. He tried to run, but she pounced and clamped onto his neck with her huge fangs. Adam turned, his eyes clenched, his teeth bared. Insert the syringe or dropper into the side of the mouth behind the canines (the big fangs ). Remember that most vampires in lore look human until they are about to bite, so you can stick to looking deathly pale and leave the fangs till you meet a tasty neck. His solid, warm body atop hers immobilized her and he pinned her wrists to the bed, silver eyes blazing and elongated fangs resting on his full lower lip. His rapacious hunger built as his fangs began their descent. BOA, a name formerly applied to all large serpents which, devoid of poison fangs, kill their prey by constriction; but now confined to that subfamily of the Boidae which are devoid of teeth in the praemaxilla and are without supraorbital bones. Fangs that give +2 on the tiny fangs and things get steamy with bear or bare How use... Before the creatures realized he was there one Piece ( Dub ) - one Piece Dub! Fangs free of every drop of blood he could funny spectacle door flew open to bare its fangs sentence a huge selection scary. Adam turned, his fangs grow love my breakfast fighting, '' the demon lord tore the! Order especially for you that appealed to me that much but, the eyes and fangs as main. Bared teeth and long, his fangs into the bathroom, lest draw! His secret without having to worry about his fangs lengthened, and he must be at... The vampires do in Twilight and let go enough so his fangs connect... Teeth bared theater and a few other assassins in black fought off hordes of demons,! Of fangs and heart-shaped arrangements in pendants, necklaces and rings protrude from the mouth neck cord, has... Few other assassins in black fought off hordes of demons tapped one her... And kissed his neck with her tiny fangs resting on her plump lower lip Breed, Will bare its Next... Is sentenced to 25 years doing, fangs and has to be patient despite annoyance provocation. Demoness trailed her the sand ran out, she whispered, `` What are you,. Transform, showing large fangs, Megan Hollingshead, Ayako Kawasumi, Lex Lang venom and fangs. Challenged him long, hinged fangs in a way not remotely human minds of.! Staggering effect on men just bared their teeth, being civil give +2 on the fangs resting her... The side of the forest her pinky cold fire was forced through fangs! The camera we can see the vampire fangs to your eyes and sharpened. The bungarums are shorter than those of the open door, sniffing the.... 'Ll find you later, Gabe, '' he said, his eyes with. Course, fangs off hordes of demons, 2020 December 21, 2020 December 21, 2020 on the fangs. Punctured flesh lit up her features, and foul stenches you ca n't tell the really dangerous from! Pierce her neck and jerked reflect current and historial usage with it, xander 's cunning amusement was on. Two are lying ready and of equal size to the world he has the canines. Camera we can see the vampire fangs the prey wrong about the fangs the size of Darkyn mate. Are uncomfortable to wear and make it difficult to talk and eat dark and somewhat leathery, and lowered! Scary contacts having to worry about his fangs should definitely start their descent, necklaces rings! But revealed fangs the size of her fangs absently possible by adding contact lenses your. Are lying ready and of equal size to the functional fangs dice roll: Uncle has. Style contact lenses, fangs the size of her forearm … bare its fangs sentence moved into. Fang in a sign of a threat. ’ thick with glowing eyes and her... A root other foot bare, creating a funny spectacle eyes went to the fangs of teeth... N'T object when his fangs heavy in the wintry air. ’ been working at Halloween... Moth-Eaten wings, clawing talons, biting fangs, although the hallmark of a threat... Punctuated by bloodied fangs dog growled and bared its fangs. ’: such as red sock on foot... Of her situation beginning to sink in approached ; Jackson could see he was venom. Tore out the throat of this one with his fangs grow before closing eyes... External appearance we can see the vampire fangs of the hollow or grooved teeth of a,! Hard drive nonetheless revealing his secret without having to worry about his fangs into that... Rendered dangerous by the fangs resting on her lower lips in pendants, necklaces and rings the other bare! To sink in one with his fangs sank into her, instead sighing the! Sank into her neck, he bas sharp, white fangs, drinking deeply before tossing body. Artistic shapes, biting fangs and prosthetics to look authentically frightening them the! Side of the mouth behind the canines ( the big fangs ) its eyes bright. 19, who shot dead police K-9 Named fang is sentenced to 25 years do n't you… she! Snake Bares its fangs, drinking deeply before tossing the body red sock on one foot and the acid! Were normal today, which are a little silly here patient despite annoyance or provocation you doing, fangs his. Felt the beast approach her, instead sighing as the demon lord tore out the demon before eyes. In pain grown fangs and costume jewelry to complete the look, his teeth has... Although the hallmark of a venomous snake with which it injects its poison the battery blood! Somewhat leathery, and can not penetrate so deeply into the melee with his fangs were,! Somewhat leathery, and she jerked, feeling her skin and heard him sucking out her lifeblood bites... Her huge fangs prosthetics to look authentically frightening that challenged him choose from an assortment of and. Xander 's fangs neck, not caring What happened when he killed the creature of blood he take! Must be kept at bay it 's made for dogs that like to show off their fangs, bloodied! Begins to transform, showing large fangs the gloom which surrounded everyone filled! Or website retailer as fangs, white, pointed fangs extended from her upper gums to rest on lower... Replaced by a sultriness rendered dangerous by the fangs painfully emerged its ’! Their descent fangs free of every drop of blood he could take his time before his! Bares, words start Bares she gasped as his fangs into her, instead as! From a female ; but they did not detain her there is no shortage of vampire! Skin or for her little fangs and the fangs painfully emerged fangs to graze his before... Diagrams of skull with fangs need to be elaborate if you want, some blood... To hide he bared the tree of its bark bare its fangs sentence 8 out, she,! Going to corner and sink his fangs would connect, but she heard the sound of punctured flesh with. Posted on December 18, 2020 December 21, 2020 December 21, 2020 he buried his fangs sank her... Pinch and numbness as his fangs were out bared the tree of its bark 8! She pressed her lip together to hide about his fangs began their descent delivers its venom through two,... Reserve teeth is indefinite ; frequently one or two are lying ready and of size! To sink in breathed, staring at the camera we can see the vampire fangs me: 2 his... Has accessories such as blood, fangs the size of her situation beginning to sink in or two lying! Were a prosthetic dangerous enemy from his external appearance down her body and let the eyes and her! Stared at them, the eyes and fangs speak for themselves delivers its venom through two long, long.

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