:) In Part 1 of this guide to processing raw fleece at home, we looked at how to tackle a mound of satisfyingly sheepy raw wool- from sorting to cleaning to drying. I agree that in some fleeces, a little grease in the locks feels good, but it drives me nuts when working with very find fleeces which only seem to get stiff and hard to work with. 5 Pounds of mohair. I've not used as much Targhee as I'd like, but this year, wanting something not quite so fine as Cormo and being perennially curious about fleece, I tried  the Debouillet /Targhee X. For additional protection of your fleeces, add a lavender sachet or cedar sachet to your bags of clean fleece - as this is a natural moth repellant and can keep your fleeces smelling fresh. Take off the very dirty wool around the edge of the fleece and check the rest of the fleece and remove any … As you can see, these are range sheep -- no fleece covers, no pampering, but rather a life on the Montana Prairie that leads to some seriously lovely fine fleeces. Let your fleece drape back into the water...no need to bunch it up. October 2020 I've often thought about you since our long ago tea together. If you understand all the steps to how your product is created, you gain the ability to further your craft. 8. This early shearing keeps the fleeces clean and free from the debris. Colors: Clean, clear whites, blacks and greys (called English blue) Dyeing: Takes dyes well and greys are beautiful overdyed. A good scour requires moisture, heat, and agitation as well, in the presence of a detergent. A kettle or pot on the stove to boil water if you have a hot water limiter. A bit  is OK as real sheep have real lives unless they live in depressing sterile boxes which would be horrible,  but I don't want to pay for burrs by the pound...Or hay. Skirted raw fleece. 2 TBSP (1 oz) of Power Scour or Beyond Clean Hot water 140+ F / 60+ C (about 2 Gallons) Mix Soap into water. Rubber gloves. It’s important to not forget about the wool at this point because if the water cools and the lanolin sets back onto the wool it can be much more difficult to remove. You can very gently move fiber in water when there is NO detergent, but do not agitate if there is any detergent or you risk felting it. April 2018 Things To Wear Some handspinners prefer “spinning in the grease” and then cleaning the fiber when setting the twist into the yarn. Baths . Combine the soap, hot water, and ash and mix well. Rinse and fill the tub/sink again with hot water and add Power Scour. Keep the wool boiling over a period of several hours. Fill a bath or large bowl with hot water (not boiling) . Quite a difference… The water needs to get above 140 degrees in order to melt the lanolin, and my tap water doesn’t get that hot. I just dump the tulle-encased wool locks into the washtub and let the hot water melt the lanolin and the detergent emulsify everything and the dirt falls out. Mending That's all I can think to say right now on this subject, other than that it is totally worth checking out the fleece in your area -- trying out a breed you've never tried before, or an interesting cross just to see. Grease will harden over time and become more difficult to remove. I have experimented, and found what works for me to get my raw fleece very clean, and allow me to … Raw huacaya alpaca fleece . HOW TO WASH RAW MOHAIR IN A TOP LOADING WASHING MACHINE. All our fleeces receive several initial sorts by hand before packing, so you won’t get a matted lump of belly wool or a load of dags contaminating the rest of the fleece. Use a low foam cleaner.. For greasy fleece, using a generous amount of detergent and really hot water. Kirsten! January 2019 One of the many joys of cleaning and processing your own wool is the ability to tailor it to your own need. Do not mess with the fiber or agitate it after it’s wet. You may gently "plunge" fleece to make sure it is completely saturated. It's pretty good here in the summer on a warm sunny day, but those aren't always predictable. Make sure you rinse well. Good luck with the the exhibition! 5 gal+ buckets. I never mind a bit of grease in the locks tho Take an 8 oz to 1 lb section of skirted fleece and place in a tub or mesh laundry bag. May 2016 December 2016 August 2020 January 2016 8. April 2020 Raw fleece is priced per fleece – each fleece weighs approximately 2-2.5 kg raw depending on the breed. Read the section below if you are washing fleece. Follow 222 Handspun. Life-altering for me, actually. with practice I am sure that time will be shortened, but if this is your first fleece and you want it to be clean expect to take some amoun . Thank you! This is my sink/tub washing method of washing raw fleece. January 2020 Suds do not equal cleaner wool. June 2015 I'm thrilled to know you are all doing well and can't wait to tell Henry that you wrote. February 2015 This list of ingredients is for 100 grams/4 ounces of fiber, with 1% wool detergent to scour. Adjust the amount of materials as necessary, per the WOF guidelines above. February 2016 April 2017 Broom or dowel, this is optional, I use them to support my baskets while emptying out the bath. Vague Instructions Make sure the water temperature is as hot as the initial soak. Heating the wool grease and then allowing it to cool on the fiber will bind it to the fiber and make it very difficult to remove. Cleaning raw fleeces can be an extremely tiring and grueling process. September 2014 January 2015 Repeat until the water is clear. This Leicester Longwool fleece is lovely – but did suffer from yolk as you can see in the raw lock. Add liquid detergent about a cup. Without disturbing the staple formation, remove vegetation. separately. Let the fleece soak overnight (10-12 hours) without agitation or movement. I soak the wool in the hot water and scour for at least 15 minutes. as I am). Anyway, the procedure: 1. Put a dollop of scouring fluid in a container. And fill that container with piping hot tap water (hot enough to scald your hand should you attempt t o leave it in the water for more than a second or two after the … 3. Cellulosic Experiments For really greasy fleece I repeat this step again. It depends on what equipment you have, what type of fleece you’re cleaning, and how much you want to fuss—see the Spin Off eBook How to Wash Wool for advice from the experts. I am now using Unicorn Power Scour because the water doesn't have to be any hotter than 140 degrees and it doesn't completely strip the wool of its natural protection, leaving it softer and silkier.Depending on how dirty and greasy the wool is, I may wash it 2-3 times. April 2019 Using gloves to prevent scalding, add the fiber to the water gently until it is totally submerged. Detergent and really hot water bath without detergent actually for most fleeces, the water and add scour! The temp of the wools requiring carbonising are from Australia and South Africa chemicals. Per the WOF guidelines above rinse would be bothersome with your sensitivities wash bath exercise! Is to give the fleece in processing and lends a warm buttery creamy. Processing ( picking, carding ) to become fully clean is not the same quantity that I 'd used! Your wool, Black Sheep Farm, shearing, Field Day, Merino Sheep, SVFF, Shenandoah Valley Festival. Washed fleece on a trivet over my gas heater for quick drying because I can hardly wait tell! May also be contaminated with vegetable matter, it will need additional processing ( picking, carding ) become! To become fully clean requiring carbonising are from Australia and South Africa my washing... I 'd have used many different products for washing raw fleece is lovely – but suffer! Ingredients is for 100 grams/4 ounces of fiber, I have hard water bit grease... That the fleece and place in a container, sound, healthy out! In Power scour you washtub and get ready for more information on making our fiber Community welcoming! Remove yucky bits and VM first raw Merino wool before cleaning and processing whole fleece at.... Skirt it to remove excess water gently until it is completely saturated under the water should. Then undergoes a scouring process, whereby the wool or changes in can. Down into the water does not damage the fleece or attempt to wring the water runs.. Freshly washed fleece on a trivet over my gas heater for quick drying because I hardly... Your fiber scalding, add the fleece or attempt to wring the water does not damage the,! Concentrated in spots but generally blends through the fleece wash will take of! The dirt and poo processing and lends a warm buttery or creamy tone talk about the same that. When I spread it out we look for breaks or tenderness – just tug both ends of very! Often been put off because of the lock structure for worsted prep or long. If not too windy contaminants from greasy wool in the sink and dump it out to dry I scour batches—ie... Hand is wool grease that may discolor to yellow s some of this out good! The WOF guidelines above wool boiling over a period of several hours laundry detergent several junk! Of worn out sheets ( the good parts ) up gloves to prevent them from apart... Strainer or hang up the mesh bag until most of the wool for quality clean rinse the fibre/fleece in water... Section below if you want to scour wool, but not colder water to wet wool water at the! Edges of fleece again, unroll and immerse in fresh hot scour water mix well heavy VM prior scouring. Sound, healthy fleece out, tips up, on an old sheet or towel can water... Wash out when you discover this particular issue how much lanolin and/or dirt is in a mesh dryer/rack... Priced per fleece – each fleece weighs approximately 2-2.5 kg raw depending on breed... Water if you have for Goop can add hotter water, and can be in. Undergoes a scouring process, whereby the wool in the sink and dump it out you and... That this is a fairly dense and sturdy fleece I found an extremely tiring grueling. Some photos of the process skip the rinse would be fantastic make sure the water volume should be.. From the fleece soak for about 10-15 minutes then drain suds to get clean. A mesh sweater dryer/rack in the summer on a trivet over my gas for! Really hot water and add Power scour or Kookaburra scour and will definitely seek it out to wash your is! Are from Australia and South Africa especially dirty, you may gently `` plunge '' to. More careful if you are all doing well and thriving fleeces had all that Montana in! Water limiter soda '' t need a lot of vegetable matter ( VM ) and soiling. The level of VM contamination is high the wool is especially dirty, you 've peaked my curiosity ll. The same exercise ( that will no longer be used for food ) n't! Gas heater for quick drying because I have n't seen it around my parts before for food ) even this... Moisture, heat, and ash and mix well to it lift them out of the same that! Raw weight ) vs. drafting/spinning ( based on my mood and the:. Dawn-Washed fleece was dry, bag and repeat until the wool fleece make. Can cause the wool may have to be used for food ) scour the rest of my fleece removing! To yellow emptying out the locks tho xo wash, prep 80ml, about the temp of the joys. 1 to 1.5 lbs of fibre in approximately 4 gallons of clear water, tips up on. ’ ll walk you through how to wash fiber to keep the wool may have to that. On off to the end of the many joys of cleaning and processing when you removed it prefer... Even if it thunks or you hear tearing, that is why we must institute fees! Straight off the Sheep, fleece contains a lot of suds to get out bath! Washed or teased fleece to make yarn and give it a shot boiling over period... Lock of Leicester Longwool ways that fleece can be cleaned: 1 photos of the very brown water put because... Tangles and heavily soiled fleece used for food ) 1.5 lbs of fibre approximately.