How to Choose a Good Karate Club

Is it a Safe Environment?
Karate is a relatively safe sport for participants of all ages.  We do however strongly recommend that you adopt the following checklist before joining any club:


Ask to see the Instructors Qualifications:

  • Just because someone wears a black belt does not mean that they are a competent instructor so please ask to see their qualifications before entrusting your family members to them.  All Shito-Kai Canada Karate Instructors are qualified to Provincial, National and International Standards.
  • Does each instructor have their First Aid Certification?


Professional Liability Insurance:


Code of Behaviour:

  • Does the club have a written code of behaviour?  The good ones always do!


Courtesy & Discipline:

  • While the study of Karate can sometimes be challenging you should never receive humiliating punishments or be subjected to degrading comments.
  • Courtesy should be established and prevalent throughout all activities of the club and by all members of the club.


Talk to the Instructor:

  • If it’s difficult to talk to the Instructor before you join then it may be even harder after.  Be extremely wary if an instructor displays aggression and an unwillingness to speak with you.
  • There are many different types of Karate clubs.  If you are looking for a family friendly club please be sure it is one before you join!


Before Leaving Children always Stay & Watch:

  • This is the most important point on the list.  If a club has trouble allowing you to stay actively involved in your children’s Karate activities then you should have trouble entrusting your children to that club.

See you in the Dojo,

Sensei Ken Desjardins