Karate Masters Vol. 4

Shito-Kai Sensei’s Murayama, Moledzki & Rabino Recognized in Karate Masters Volume 4

After the acclaimed success of the first three volumes of Karate Masters, the author proudly presents “Karate Masters 4”, with a new repertoire of historical figures, such as Yutaka Yaguchi, Kunio Murayama, Hiroyoshi Okazaki, Hiroyashu Fujishima, Shoji Nishimura, Takeshi Uchiage, Avi Rokah, Tony Annesi, Richard Amos, Gene Tibon, Frank Smith, Sam Moledzki, Ted Rabino  amongst other world-recognized masters. In this fourth volume, new interviews with the world's top Karate masters have been gathered to present an integrated and complete view of the empty-handed art of fighting, philosophy, and self-defense. Containing information that has not appeared anywhere else, the interviews contain intriguing thoughts, fascinating personal details, hidden history, and revealing philosophies as each master reveals his true love for the art and a deep understanding of every facet associated with the practice and spirit of the Japanese art of Karate-do as a way of life. It’s a detailed reference work, and a “must have” addition to your personal library.

ISBN: 978-1-933901-49-7
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